1881 Napa

Napa Valley's most comprehensive exhibition of the valley's early history, in the perhaps oldest Victorian home remaining in the Napa Valley. The history museum at 1881 Napa combines a gallery of the stories of Napa's early pioneers, a remarkable collection of winemaking relics, and an exhibition of ephemera from the Early California Wine Trade Archive.

American Vintage

American Vintage captures the spirit and tradition of California with a dash of rebellion thrown in for good measure. From the North Coast to the Central Coast and all that is in-between, the many incredible vineyard sites along famed Highway 1 bask in the California sun, producing some truly balanced, juicy, and mouthwatering wines. Timeless at its core, we honor the American Dream, the experiences, and the people behind this great American vintage.

Buena Vista Winery

Before there were vineyards in every valley north of San Francisco, before Napa and Sonoma were household names, before there was a California wine world at all, there was Buena Vista. Founded in 1857, Buena Vista is California’s first premium winery, and its history is as colorful as it is proud.

Cut Series

Made with grilling in mind, Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey Cut wines from Naps, Sonoma, and Monterey Counties are decidedly a perfect pairing for any grilling or kitchen master.

DeLoach Vineyards

DeLoach Vineyards has been a pioneering producer of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel in the Russian River Valley since 1975. As a winegrowing region, The Russian River Valley is known as “America’s Burgundy,” a distinction in which DeLoach has been an important factor.

Durant & Booth

Paying homage to the heritage of our esteemed wine region, Durant & Booth is a symbol of the heart of the Napa Valley lifestyle and will become everyone's "must-have" Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.

Elizabeth Spencer Winery

Elizabeth Spencer Winery, founded in 1998, begins with a belief that wine should be delicious, inviting, and representative of its place of origin which is evident in every bottle. Balanced, elegant, and approachable, Elizabeth Spencer wines are made from grapes grown in Northern California’s finest wine regions, focusing on Napa Valley, Sonoma Coast, and Mendocino.

Founder’s Ranch

Founder’s Ranch, established in the heart of Napa Valley near the town of St. Helena, celebrates the spirit of Napa Valley’s original founders… it was here, in 1875, that a group of influential vintners came together to create the St. Helena Viticultural Club, with the shared mission to create world-class wines in Napa Valley. These pioneering founders set the course for Napa’s famed reputation through their tireless crusade to find the ideal varietals to grow in Napa’s best terroir. Equally importantly, their collaborative spirit created the strong winemaking community that led Napa Valley to become one of the worlds most renowned winemaking destinations. Their founding spirit and determination endures today through Founder’s Ranch 1875.

Frenchie Winery

Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset's French Bulldog, Frenchie, represents the very essence of style, charisma and personality. With his stout stature and ability to steal everyone's heart, he is definitely royalty around the winery. Although he may not go down in history as one of the greatest leaders of all time, Frenchie will definitely go down in history as the greatest four-legged winemaker.

JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset

Created by Jean-Charles Boisset, the innovative JCB Collection brings together two worlds of winemaking—Old and New. With the collection, Jean-Charles celebrates his French heritage while embracing his passion for California.

Joliesse Vineyards

Joliesse (Pronounced jo’-lee’-ES’) comes from the French word for grace and loveliness, which is what we seek to create with each vintage. Sunshine guides us in all that we do; it is at the center of everything. The natural beauty of the world and cosmic energy all radiate from the sun. As the sun and the stars light our skies, so too does our label – with rays of the sun and stars that glow in the dark. We have harnessed the power of the California sunshine with Joliesse – each bottle captures the loveliness, magnificence, grace and splendor of each harvest.

Lockwood Vineyard

First released in 1989, Lockwood Vineyard was developed under the belief that world class estate produced wines are attainable through ideal vineyard location and quality winemaking.

LVE: Legend Vineyard Exclusive

Legend Vineyard Exclusive was a dream long in the making. As with his music, John searched for the right collaborator, a vineyard whose pursuit of the perfect blend and standards of excellence equaled his own. With roots deep in the Napa Valley and award-winning wines known for beautiful balance, finesse and power, Raymond Vineyards was the perfect match.

Lyeth Estate

Lyeth Estate, established by Chip Lyeth in 1981, was one of the first wineries in California to pursue the unique complexity and composition achieved by the marriage of Cabernet Sauvignon and the other traditional Bordeaux varieties. Wines of this style, known as Meritage, have become some of the world’s most highly-rated wines.

Oakville Grocery

An integral part of Napa Valley history since 1881, Oakville Grocery remains a gathering place for friends to share the best in handcrafted, locally sourced food and wine and to experience what makes Napa and Sonoma Counties so special.

Raymond Vineyards

Five generations of the Raymond family created a Napa icon, with an enduring reputation for elegant wines with a beautiful balance of finesse, power and complexity. Today, inspired by the vision of Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, Raymond is a dynamic destination dedicated to inspiring its guests’ passion for fine wine in an environment of exploration, creativity, and elegant whimsicality, where each in a series of diverse experiences progresses visitors into another world of discovery and exceptional wines.

The Ink House

The Ink House is a premier destination for travelers pursuing the ultimate luxury experience. The original home of California pioneer, Theron H. Ink, the inn, combines Italian elegance, wine country style and gracious hospitality.

Wappo Hill

The Napa Valley has been famous for its wines since the late 1800s, but its rich history extends at least 4,000 years prior and likely much more. Honoring the bravery, strength, and wisdom of the founders of the Napa Valley. This is Wappo Hill Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wattle Creek Winery

Since 1994, Wattle Creek has been sharing a passion for wine and life… creating great Sonoma wines, as well as exceptional moments and events, while having a fantastic sense of family, loyalty, and community born from a shared love of wine. Wattle Creek’s unique style of wines from Alexander Valley is refreshing and inspiring – a new approach that beautifully complements our collection of wineries in Sonoma, Napa and France.