Boisset Collection

We are honored to share with you Casa Obsidiana, a new ultra-premium tequila that bridges the centuries-old craft of tequila-making with the cultural vibrancy of modern Mexico. With nearly 300 years of combined familial experience in producing fine wines and perfecting the craft of agave spirits, our two families have come together under one vision: to create the finest tequilas that capture the best of Mexican culture, the mix of old world and new.
Calistoga’s textured heritage is filled with bold adventures that provide inspiration to our every intention and interaction.

Each expression within the Calistoga Depot Distillery spirits collection is in reverence to one of these distinguished moments in Sam Brannan’s storied life. We partner with master distillers and blenders to create small-batch spirits that we then imbue with Boisset savoir-faire by finishing them in oak wine-casks that have aged our wines to create an ultimate flavor profile that defines our distinctive collection.
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Unleash your imagination and elevate your tablescapes! Step into a world where art and elegance flow as naturally as the finest wines. Craft unforgettable tablescapes with Raymond wines, where creativity intertwines with lasting memories.
Boisset Collection embraces audacity and innovation and unites Old World and New into the One World of Wine, offering an unparalleled exploration of terroir, heritage, vineyards, and style.

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