Boisset Collection

Boisset Collection today announced its purchase of Oakville Grocery, scheduled to close in early 2019. Founded in 1881.
Returning to the Healdsburg Plaza, the newest JCB Tasting Salon is a captivating & luxurious wine experience to enlighten all your senses! The new tasting salon will reflect and capture the energy and intensity of Boisset, with diverse experiences that evoke the pleasures of the wine lifestyle.
New LVE Côtes de Provence Rosé. “LVE Rosé captures summer in a glass! The newest addition to LVE wines will let wine lovers celebrate the season in style
Welcome to the SUMMER of LVE – Try our new Rose from Provence France, the perfect pairing for summer.
Now available; Passion for Wine... by Jean-Charles Boisset and Marnie Old. Finally, a captivating book that takes the stiffness out of wine and puts the joie de vivre back in...
Boisset Collection provides an unparalleled direct sales opportunity that is limited only by your desired level of commitment. Our dedicated and inspired president, Jean-Charles Boisset, brings to you luxurious wines cultivated in the sustainable, family-owned vineyards he nurtures and loves.
Introducing the limited-edition JCB Collection created with Swarovski® Crystals. Adorned with dazzling Swarovski Crystals, these limited editions bottles are the epitome of style and a first in the world.
JCB Spirits: We dreamt of creating the ultimate elixir… Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cultivated in Burgundy, France. Fermented into wine and distilled into sophisticated, elegant and refined spirits. The ultimate expression of what the earth has to offer!
First Growth Grand Cru Coffee sources from the most sought-after coffee farms in the world. Our terroir-oriented philosophy is based on the concept that a coffee of great quality must be deeply and strongly tied with its area of origin and must be present in its expression.
JCB Salon Privé, Private Tasting, Yountville. Salon Privé is our secret space to create, reflect and explore within. For a more private and intimate tasting experience, discover Salon Privé located directly behind JCB Tasting Salon
The ultimate expression of style . . . Haute Couture French Bubbles unites the worlds of fine wine and high fashion–two extravagant worlds that are quintessentially French.