France (Sparkling)

Haute Couture


What is Haute Couture?

The ultimate expression of style . . . Haute Couture French Bubbles unites the worlds of fine wine and high fashion–two extravagant worlds that are quintessentially French.

Terroir: Our Atelier

Sourced from the finest terroirs throughout France, Haute Couture is a sophisticated expression of centuries’ old French sparkling winemaking expertise.  Our design team utilizes unique intuition and talent in crafting the perfect blend of grapes from distinct terroirs.

The same level of artistry, passion and attention to detail that comes together in creating a one-of-a-kind piece also comes together in crafting a bottle of Haute Couture.

Assert Your Style

Whether you wear an avant-garde dress or a bespoke suit, assert your style with Haute Couture!

Our Wines

187 ml

  • Pale yellow in color with a soft effervescence. The nose and palate display elegant aromas and flavors of white blossoms, peach and a hint of tropical fruit.
  • Grapefruit pink in color with complex aromas and flavors of citrus, strawberry and grenadine.

750 ml

  • Pale yellow in color with a fine and persistent bubble stream. The nose displays intense layered notes of pear and peach over a background of toasted bread aromas. It’s full on the palate, with just a touch of sweetness.
  • Pale pink in color with enticing aromas and flavors of juicy cherry, blackberry and raspberry. On the palate, this rosé is creamy and has the perfect dosage for a delicately sweet finish.