French Wineries

French Rabbit


From France, the most traditional wine-producing country, comes a forward-thinking innovation for an environmentally-conscious world: French Rabbit, vintage-dated, appellation-specific French wine in unique 1 Liter octagonal-shaped packaging with screw-top closures and label-free packaging. French Rabbit offers premium quality, consistent, South of France wines from sloping hillside vineyards, inviting consumers to “savor the wine/save the planet.” Indeed, it is one smart rabbit. Our mission is to be the market leader of quality wine in innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging. Our family has been growing wine for two generations, so preserving the planet has always been important to us. Sustainable farming is a signature at all of Boisset’s wineries, but we believe that it’s important to make an impact from the vineyard to the glass – reducing the carbon footprint at every stage in a wine’s life cycle.

Our Wines

  • Chardonnay grapes from the cool vineyards of Limoux in Southern France are picked at a time to produce the best balance between aromas and maturity.
  • The grapes for this Pinot Noir come from the western part of the Languedoc region, near Limoux, France. The fruit is sourced exclusively from sloping hillside vineyards where cooler temperatures provide excellent growing conditions for Pinot Noir.