Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to our Table!

Our vision is to create the most passionate, inspiring, and inclusive wine community in the world. We are committed to our vision and core values, which include and embrace respect for each other as colleagues, team members, and human beings, as well as conviviality, a spirit of sharing. We believe that wine, as the core of our company, has always been a catalyst for uniting people, across oceans and across the table to help bring together all origins, backgrounds, orientations, cultures, and communities. This belief remains essential to who we are, and how we can promote the critical dialogue and action needed to build a more inclusive wine world. Our voices are amplified by a passion for driving positive change, the sound of which you can hear all across the Boisset Collection. Welcome to our table!

Tune in to our JCB Live events on YouTube to hear more about our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, and be sure to check out our curated D&I video playlist featuring Jean-Charles and notable contributors to the movement.  


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Our employee-driven committee was founded to support a critical movement for change, to further the spirit of equality, and to engage all employees in conversations and training about diversity and inclusion. Comprised of staff from vastly different backgrounds and functional areas, the committee is dedicated to improving the lives of our employees, positively impacting our community and building opportunities for a more inclusive culture. Reach out to us at diversity@boisset.com.

Our Diversity Committee Vision

To be a compassionate force for change in order to strengthen diversity, enhance inclusion and empower positive growth within Boisset Collection.

Our Diversity Committee Mission

To be accountable, to listen to our employees, to lead change, and to educate ourselves and others by promoting diversity, celebrating unity, and nurturing an inclusive team.


Wine Unites Us

Blending a narrative of diversity & inclusion straight into the bottle, Boisset Collection has debuted the JCB Unity wine and is passionately pursuing successors to this charitable Cabernet Sauvignon. All proceeds destined for Wine Unify and the Association of African American Vintners, this inaugural luxurious wine with a purpose secured a ($$) donation to help bring awareness to and drive initiatives for strengthening diversity and inclusion in the wine industry.


These are the guiding principles of our JCB and Boisset Collection wines, where we believe the world of wine exists to unite us – across the table and across the world. We are committed to creating the most inclusive, passionate, and inspiring community in the world of wine. This wine, harmonious and balanced on the palate, represents this vision and hope. A portion of the proceeds of this wine are donated to organizations focused on helping Black and underserved communities to thrive in the world of wine through the work of selected charity organizations, including the Association of African American Vintners and Wine Unify.

Available for purchase at East Coast Sam’s Club »


Resources & Partnerships

Education and awareness are the foundation for building a more inclusive community. The thirst to understand, empathize, and act all starts with finding the right resources and building relationships with partners who can truly make a difference.

Boisset Collection Partnerships

Wine Unify
Black Wine Professionals

Recommended Resources

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