Calistoga Depot Distillery

The Calistoga Depot is the historical heart of Calistoga. Sam Brannan built the depot in 1868 to welcome guests to Calistoga's unique splendors. As the second-oldest train depot in California, and the culmination of the Napa Valley rail line, the building occupies a special place in town lore. The new Calistoga Depot, starting with Depot Provisions, will be a contemporary meeting place that honors the fascinating history and character of the building and of the town.


JCB Spirits

"We dreamt of creating the ultimate elixir… Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cultivated in Burgundy, France. Fermented into wine and distilled into sophisticated, elegant and refined spirits. The ultimate expression of what the earth has to offer! Creation is the essence of life.” - Jean-Charles Boisset


Casa Obsidiana

Forged from the earth’s elements, and bringing together the collective heritage and passion of two families, the Beckmanns and the Boissets, Casa Obsidiana is the world’s most beautiful tequila. Crafted at the base of el Volcán de Tequila, it honors the true culture of Mexico and connects us through the rare power of the volcano's ancient stone, the obsidian.