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Lockwood Vineyard


Grapes grown for Lockwood Vineyard wines are 100% estate grown, giving us the best expression of aromas and flavors exclusive to Monterey. Lockwood’s San Lucas Vineyard was planted in 1981 in a remote area nestled at the base of the Santa Lucia mountain range, in Monterey County. As the perfect location for growing premium grapes, it grew into one of the largest premium estate vineyards in the world. The vineyard consists of a distinct and exceptional soil that was recognized by the U.S. Geological survey in 1946. The “Lockwood Shaly Loam” is comprised of crushed fossilized seashells similar to chalk and limestone and is only found in two small areas of Central California, truly adding to the exclusive character and quality of our premium wines.

The grapes grown for Lockwood Vineyard wines are selected only from specific, vigilantly maintained, and thoroughly analyzed blocks within the expansive San Lucas Vineyard. By thoroughly examining each micro-climate, and corresponding soil profile, then evaluating various combinations of varietals, clonal selections and rootstocks, we are able to choose the best plantings in the vineyard.

After defining our blocks, we implement viticultural protocols tailored to suit each vine’s set of unique characteristics. Pruning strategies, shoot thinning practices, leaf removal techniques, and specified crop levels are assigned to optimize quality and we selectively harvest each block.

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