How to Pair

Simple Pairings for Your Wine Tasting

To make your wine tasting simple and elegant, Chef Michel recommends the following light pairings:

1.  A Variety of Cheeses:   Bold, medium and light/creamy selections will pair with a variety of wines.  For ideas click here.

2.  Breads or Crackers: Slice a fresh baguette and choose a few different crackers that will complement, not overpower the cheese. Mild crackers also help cleanse the palate before each wine.

3.  Fresh Fruit: Strawberries, grapes, sliced pears, apples and melon complement the flavors of wine and can be a fun way to compare aromas of real fruit with the wines featured at your tasting. To prevent browning of sliced fruit brush with a little lemon juice or soak slices in slightly salted water.

4.  Nuts, Dried Fruit & Honey: Simple and elegant, many red wines have a nutty flavor.  Choose milder nuts like almonds or cashews to not overpower the wine.  Honey is beautiful in a small serving dish on the table and so delicious with a variety of cheeses.

5.  Chocolates: Who doesn’t love chocolate? A wonderful complement to bolder reds, dark chocolate truffles, a baked chocolate torte, or mini-brownies are all typically available at any local store.