Mâcon-Villages bottle

In this part of southern Burgundy, the vines occupy a busy landscape of little hills and valleys that look as though they have been painted with a water colorist's brush. The hills of the Mâconnais extend over some 24 miles from the Côte Chalonnaise to the Rock of Solutré and are bordered on one side by the river Saône and the Grosne on the other. 

Vines were first planted here in Gallo-Roman times and were fostered in the Middle Ages by the powerful abbeys of Tournus and Cluny.

July 2, 2015 | Ultimate Wine Challenge
Excellent, Highly Recommended.
  • Winemaking

    Vinification in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.

  • Nose

    Flowery, fruity aromas with notes of citrus fruits, mint and honeysuckle. Exotic, even spicy scents.

  • Palate

    Well-balanced. The dominant notes are reminiscent of grass and flowers. In general Mâcon-Villages wines are dry, light, lively, charming and fresh. Their spontaneity and lightness make them very seductive.

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