Pasta with Chicken, Wild Mushrooms & Tagliatelle


Serves 4

½ oz dried Boletus mushrooms
1 c reduced chicken stock
4 chicken breasts
2-3 T  olive oil
fresh thyme
fresh chives
6 green onions
1 large clove garlic
¼ c toasted pine nuts
a few sprigs fresh parsley
salt & pepper
Tagliatelle for 4


Soak mushrooms in hot water, clean & slice. Save the juice and add a few tablespoons to chicken stock. Bone & trim the chicken breasts & cut, crossgrain, into thin strips. Marinate in olive oil, thyme & chives. Cut the scallions julienne and mince garlic & parsley. Toast pine nuts 5-8 minutes. 

Sauté mushrooms in a little olive oil for 3-4 minutes. Season to taste. Reduce heat & add garlic & parsley. Cook another 1-2 minutes and then add the hot chicken stock. Cook the chicken very hot and fast, about 1 minute, so the outside browns and the inside stays pink & moist. Cook the pasta and add to the mushrooms along with the green onions, chicken & pine nuts. Toss together, taste for seasoning & serve. 

Pairing Suggestions

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