R Collection

R Collection Chardonnay

R Collection Chardonnay bottle

The R Collection Chardonnay is sourced from the finest vineyards throughout California, with each area adding a unique layer into the overall taste profile. Minimally intrusive winemaking techniques allow the true California terroir to shine through in every glass poured and bottle enjoyed. 

Silver Medal
February 15, 2018 | Sakura Japan Women's Wine Awards 2018
  • Winemaking

    Our R Collection Chardonnay is an exquisitely balanced and crisp Chardonnay primarily fermented in stainless steel tanks, providing a nice alternative to the heavier oaked Chardonnays.

  • Nose

    Bright aromas of pear, green apple, and tropical fruit are followed by notes of honeysuckle, and vanilla.

  • Palate

    Displaying a crisp mouthfeel, this wine displays a nicely balanced acidity and culminates with a smooth finish that makes it the perfect pairing with a variety of dishes.

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