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Crystal Cellar

Crystal Cellar experience

Inspired by the traditional candlelit cellars of France, the inimitable Crystal Cellar boasts stainless steel walls, a mirrored bar, and a collection of historical decanters. Here in a working cellar, beneath remarkable Baccarat chandeliers, guests discover another dimension of wine enjoyment while sampling Raymond’s signature Cabernet Sauvignons.

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Enjoy limited-edition Raymond wines in the velvet-ensconced Red Room, with custom-made red plush sofas, Baccarat chandeliers and vintage-pin ball machines providing the ultimate luxury experience.
Live the dream of being a Winemaker in our blending room!
This tour is designed to give you a unique experience highlighting the rich heritage and evolution of Raymond
Discover the role each actor plays on nature's stage in the organic and Biodynamic Theater of Nature.