Domaine de la Presle, Fleurie

Domaine de la Presle, Fleurie bottle

In the northern part of the Beaujolais, on the granitic soil of the slopes surrounding Fleurie, the vineyards of Fleurie produce the most feminine of all the Beaujolais wines, also known as the "Queen of beaujolais". According to the local tradition this is due to the influence of the Virgin of Fleurie who watches over the vines from the hilltop where she stands. 

This cru is located next to Chiroubles, Morgon and Moulin à Vent. While we have poor granitic soil next to the "Black Virgin" chapel, we can find argile in the eastern part of the estate.

  • Winemaking

    Ageing in casks.

  • Nose

    Aromas of violets, roses and iris.

  • Palate

    Elegant, full-bodied and velvety smooth.

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