Bourgogne Chardonnay, Les Ursulines

Bourgogne Chardonnay, Les Ursulines bottle

This ‘vast’ appellation brings together four great regions; Yonne to the north, with its fresh, mineral wines, followed by the Côte d’Or, with its rounder, deeper whites, the Côte Chalonnaise with its pleasant wines, and lastly the Mâcon region to the south, with a range of styles varying with the individual soil and exposure. Soils are mostly limestone-clay.

This wine is produced from parcels coming both from the Côte de Beaune – lending a richness – and from a little further south, giving its wines a fresh, mineral character. Rigorous vine work went into the production of this wine, along with uncompromising checks for such considerations as yields and cultivation methods, where soil work is required to assist and support the microbacterial activity required for the terroir to express itself.

Silver Medal
February 27, 2018 | Mundus Vini
  • Winemaking

    100% of the wines are barrel-matured (with only 10% new oak) without stirring the lees, while the two fermentation – alcoholic and malolactic – take place. The wines are aged in the barrels for fifteen months, with very light filtration before bottling so as not to remove any of the wine’s intrinsic qualities.

  • Nose

    Very refined, with notes of white flowers.

  • Palate

    Round and delicate in the mouth, with a polished acidity which lends freshness and purity.

  • Age

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