The Surrealist

The Surrealist bottle

The Surrealist by JCB is the first of its kind – a wine embracing fashion, art, emotion and dreams.  Adorned by an original jewelry design, the elixir within is comprised of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.

We wanted to create a wine that is surrealistic; a wine that has never been done before as a blend from the Napa Valley – seductive, lush and opulent, rich yet silky with an eternal finish… An equal union of powerful Petit Verdot from high elevation hillsides in eastern Napa Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon from St. Helena – known for Cabernets of femininity, elegance and grace, the wine is a surrealistic expression of our dreams for the ultimate Napa red wine.

As wine is art, so too is the bottle. The bottle – clear, so it never obscures your vision – is meant to be kept forever, to be used again and again as a decanter so that you can remember forever the taste, the moment and the emotion of the first time you discovered the elixir inside.   Adorned with the crystal Baccarat bottle topper enclosed, it can preserve and present any elixir you should choose to fill it with time and again. The bottle becomes art, to enlighten your table with Surrealistic revelations to inspire conversation and conviviality! 

And so, we present it to you: a wine, a jewelry broach, a decanter… a piece of art!

We called it the Surrealist as the world of surrealism has possessed me & myself forever as portraying the experience of contrasting worlds: celebrating tradition & modernity, the real & the imagined, the past & the future, the consciousness of the self & the other, the inner & the outer worlds… Surrealism is the passage from one state to another, while also representing, for wine, the two facets of wines, the two colors of wine, the personalities of all our senses, the evocation of transformation, and the notion that time & space is limitless thanks to the elixir of freedom! It is the ultimate plane where dreams, exploration and passion create an “esprit nouveau” !

And at the epicenter of our senses & emotions, the Surrealist is the perfect clarity of vision to hold multiple worlds within: You & Yourself, Me & Myself  …well, our own vision of the world!

The Surrealist as a wine represents the freedom of our own interpretation of flavors, smells, texture, & senses where each can further interpret independently their own geography of pleasure… May it inspire you to put theory into practice, actuality into fantasy, where the discovery of our creation will spark a surreal event & catalyze an epiphany within you…and yourself…

Best of Class
January 28, 2016 | American Fine Wine Competition
Best of Class Bordeaux Blend

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