N°34 Sparkling Wine

N°34 Sparkling Wine bottle

No. 34 celebrates two of the most gleaming and life-changing moments in my history, both of which occurred in 2003. In that year, I met my future wife and became as firmly rooted in California as I am in Burgundy, when DeLoach Vineyards joined our family’s collection of wineries. This sparkling ros̩é always calls to mind those dazzling memories. May No. 34 sparkle with you in your shining moments!

For Jean-Charles Boisset, sparkling wine is not a special occasion beverage. It is a JUBILANT moment in your otherwise typical day. While effortless to enjoy, our No. 34 Brut is nonetheless a bit EXHILARATING. Crisp and bracing, it also has the tiniest bit of DAZZLING creaminess.

December 1, 2018 | Wine Enthusiast
This is made from 80% Pinot Noir, the remainder Chardonnay, both coming from both the Napa and Sonoma sides of the appellation. Inviting in wild strawberry, it is dry and stony and exuberant in earthy mineral aspects of crushed rock and dried herb.

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