N°11 Pinot Noir

N°11 Pinot Noir bottle

For Jean-Charles, the age of 11 was a magical time in life, an age of endless possibilities and burgeoning dreams. The number 11 stayed with Jean-Charles, from school and the soccer field (it was his jersey number) into life. Inevitably, 11 became the number behind this wine, one of his favorite Pinot Noirs. No 11 is a shining star among the JCB collection for it possesses harmony, elegance and style, and reminds Jean-Charles of an enchanting time in life.

March 4, 2020 | Wine & Spirits
Brian Maloney blends this wine from four vineyards in the hills north of the Petaluma Gap — Doña Margarita, Highlands, Ferguson and Fiddler — all windy, fog-influenced sites on sandy soils. Grounded in the cool earth of the coast, this dives into cool fruit, with the flavor of fresh-picked berries. That fruit feels clean and pure, lasting in scents of roses and cardamom, bright and zesty, then deepening into the dark tones of tannins. Its integration gives it richness that feels tied to the intensity of the Pacific, the wine's cool scent lasting into the far distance.

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