N°11 Pinot Noir

N°11 Pinot Noir bottle

For Jean-Charles, the age of 11 was a magical time in life, an age of endless possibilities and burgeoning dreams. The number 11 stayed with Jean-Charles, from school and the soccer field (it was his jersey number) into life. Inevitably, 11 became the number behind this wine, one of his favorite Pinot Noirs. No 11 is a shining star among the JCB collection for it possesses harmony, elegance and style, and reminds Jean-Charles of an enchanting time in life.

December 1, 2014 | Wine & Spirits
This comes from the Durell Vineyard on the border of Carneros and Sonoma Valley, harvested at a sleek 21.6 degrees Brix, fermented without added yeasts and aged in new and once-used French oak. It's pretty irresistible, a savory pinot noir that feels energetic yet relaxed from its time spent in a barrel, centered around wild mushroom and light wood smoke aromas, glowing with the subtle brightness of its acidity. Harmonious and complex without any rough edges, this wine's texture is supple and meaty, satisfying with grilled quail.

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