JCB French Kiss Sparkling

JCB French Kiss Sparkling bottle

Wines have sparkled for as long as grapes have been fermented into vinous elixir, because bubbles are a natural product of the fermentation process that turns fruit into wine. Until now, only winemakers could taste red wines mid-transformation, when they are showing both the promise of fine dry wines and the allure of succulent fresh-picked grapes. This seductive wine preserves and bottles this precious moment of duality and transition to share with the world a sparkling wine of vivid hue and seductive sensuality as memorable as a French Kiss.

Uses an ancestral method of winemaking, using only sugars present in the grapes. A striking violet-red in the glass, this 100% Beaujolais Gamay has pronounced aromas of ripe strawberry and blackberry, and is complimneted by its well-balanced full taste of wild strawberry and rich raspberry. This festivly pleasant and playful wine has low alcohol conent of 7.5%, with abundance of fine sparklling bubbles.

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