Vin Jaune bottle

100 % Savagnin, the only vine variety authorized for this wine. Savagnin is a typical Jura variety, flourishing on its grey marl and ripening slowly. This demanding, patient vine variety is the best type for oxidative ‘film’ maturation.

March 25, 2019 | Wine & Spirits
This wine rested under a veil of yeasts for six years and three months. The 228-liter barrels were all at least five years old when the aging began. Now it offers savory, old-fashioned pleasures, like a walk in the rain, if that mist were a cloud of bitter-almond flavor. With two hours open, or two days, it keeps giving more freshness, with apple and pear notes rising out of the savory layers of intensity—cumin spice, chicken broth, turmeric—while a rasp of chalk and salt make it mouthwatering. The beautiful evolution with air predicts a long development in the cellar.
  • Winemaking

    It is thus aged at least 6 years and three months, without intervention, but with a regular follow-up and an attentive eye. This process, which respects the natural evaporation of the wine, causes the creation of a thin film of yeasts on the surface.

  • Nose

    Contains a range of aromas: cooked apple, curry, saffron and walnut.

  • Palate

    Its mouthfeel has a lively, powerful and well-formed attack. The mouthfeel confirms the aromas in the nose, providing a remarkable range of flavours: fresh walnut, curry, green apple, dried fruit and saffron. A grandiose finish.

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