Vin Jaune

Vin Jaune bottle

100 % Savagnin, the only vine variety authorized for this wine. Savagnin is a typical Jura variety, flourishing on its grey marl and ripening slowly. This demanding, patient vine variety is the best type for oxidative ‘film’ maturation.

  • Winemaking

    It is thus aged at least 6 years and three months, without intervention, but with a regular follow-up and an attentive eye. This process, which respects the natural evaporation of the wine, causes the creation of a thin film of yeasts on the surface.

  • Nose

    Contains a range of aromas: cooked apple, curry, saffron and walnut.

  • Palate

    Its mouthfeel has a lively, powerful and well-formed attack. The mouthfeel confirms the aromas in the nose, providing a remarkable range of flavours: fresh walnut, curry, green apple, dried fruit and saffron. A grandiose finish.

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