Arbois Trousseau

Arbois Trousseau bottle

Besides the world-famous Pinot Noir, the Jura has the wealth to hold two native varieties: the trousseau and the Poulsard or Ploussard. The Trousseau is a late and demanding grape variety of Comtoise origin and reauires ligther, gravelly and warm soil. Once vinified, it develops intense, peppery, spicy flavors and accents of red fruits.

  • Winemaking

    Reception of the manual harvest, with sorting on sorting table. Total maceration of 12 days in thermoregulated stainless steel tank. Followed regularly throughout the fermentation, incorporating some pumping and pigeage. At the moment of pressing, the press and drop juices of each cuvee are assembled and withdrawn for malolactic fermentation on fines lees. Ageing, for 2-3 months, in stainless steel tanks allowing to keep the crisps fruit of the wine.

  • Nose

    Very fine, exhales aromas of small red fruits with woody and spicy notes.

  • Palate

    The palate is typical of the grape variety. It reveals notes of spices and ripe fruit, with an elegant and balanced structure.

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