Casa Obsidiana Añejo

Casa Obsidiana Añejo bottle

Each Casa Obsidiana vessel is handmade by Mexican artisans and ceramists and eloquently designed with Divine Porportion, also known as the Golden Ratio, in mind. The obsidian stone comes from the base of el Volcán de Tequila, nestled among the volcanic earth that nurtures our estate-grown Blue Weber agave. Each stone is carefully hand carved and polished by Mexican lapidary artisans. The Reposado’s obsidian stone equals the Golden Ratio measurement of 1.618 inches in diameter. The Blanco and Anejo obsidian stones are in Divine Proportion to each other, bringing the three stones together in perfect harmony of the Golden Ratio.

Double Gold
November 29, 2023 | Tequila Mezcal Challenge - Design

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