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Buena Vista Winery


Before there were vineyards in every valley north of San Francisco, before Napa and Sonoma were household names, before there was a California wine world at all, there was Buena Vista. Founded in 1857, Buena Vista is California’s first premium winery, and its history is as colorful as it is proud. Today, the legend is being re-born under the vision of Jean-Charles Boisset. Our future is our past… our vivacious, colorful, and pioneering past!

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Our Wines

Chateau Buena Vista

  • Inspired by the Count’s influence on the foundation of Napa Valley, where he trained and inspired many young winemakers that would go on to found some of Napa’s most acclaimed historical wineries, such as Charles Krug, Buena Vista has returned to Napa Valley, where Cabernet is the King, if not for the Count.

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